Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley Set To Produce Comedy on CBS

CBS has been developing a new Comedy series, Bait & Tacklethat revolves around 3 adult siblings who must step up to run the family business—a small town bait & tackle shop—when the family patriarch retires. The unique thing behind this series, it’s executive producer is Brian Kelley from Florida Georgia Line.

According to the release:

Bait & Tackle is a multi-camera comedy from Stuck In the Middle co-creator/executive producer Linda Figueiredo, musician Brian Kelley, Johnny Galecki’s Alcide Bava Productions and Warner Bros. TV where Alcide Bava is based. Kelley of multi-platinum duo Florida Georgia Line, who is a friend of Galecki’s, also executive produces. This marks the first sale for his production company, CuzBro, with Stephen Snedden and Justin Halliwell.

You can find out more about this project on FGL’s website, here.